Monday, August 13, 2018

Aug 13, 2018

We will be meeting for lunch at Applebees Restaurant in Minot at 1:30 PM on  WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15, 2018. Please note this is Wednesday this week rather than our usual Friday.

The current schedule of campouts for the summer is as follows:

June 21 - 24  Turtle Lake
July  13 - 15  Luther Shoon ranch south of Glenn Ullin  ND.
July 30 - Aug 05 ND Samboree Valley City ND
Aug 23 - 26 Hawk Museum, northeast of Rugby ND
Sep 13 - 16 Antler Outlaws park north of Antler ND

Kellys, Entzels, Burks, and Al and MaryAnn attended the North Dakota Samboree at Valley City, ND July 30 thru Aug 5 2018. Had a great time there.
Here are some photos from recent campouts.

Campers at Antler Sep 2017

Campers at Lake Brekken near Turtle Lake ND. June 2018

Jack and Vern stirring the stew. Antler Sep. 2017.

Just visiting after a good meal. Antler Sep. 2017.
Getting some sun at Centennial Park May 2018

Shooting the breeze at Centennial Park May 2018.
Playing Wist at Lake Brekken June 2018

Here are the back and the front of the new 3 fold handout that I have put together.